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Air Conditioning Services

At HoweCool we provide and have provided air conditioning solutions for many projects including retail shops, office buildings, server rooms, theaters, warehouses, homes and laboratories.

Typical units range from Cassettte 4-way blow units, wall mounted units, under ceiling 1-way blow units, ducted units and floor units. All of the units can be provided as single split units or multi split units including VRF systems.

Single Split System

These units are a cost effective way to air condition one room. They have one outdoor unit and one indoor unit. The size in duty of these units range from 2KW to 14KW therefore catering for rooms up to 140 square meters.

These units are available in many styles and brands from HoweCool to suit any environment. Modern designs and stylish looks allow these units to blend into your surroundings without being noticed.

Multi Split Systems
Multi Split Air Conditoning

These units are able to climate control / air condition several rooms from one outdoor unit. They have one outdoor unit and several indoor units to suit your requirements.

These units are available in many styles and brands from HoweCool to suit any environment. Modern designs and stylish looks allow these units to blend into your surroundings without being noticed.

VRF / VRV Systems
VRF System diagram

What is VRF?

  • Variable refrigerant flow (vrf) also known as variable refrigerant volume (vrv).

  • This type of system consists of a number of air handling units (possibly up to 48) connected to a modular external condensing unit.

  • The refrigerant flow is varied using either an inverter controlled variable speed compressor, or multiple compressors of varying capacity in response to changes in the cooling or heating requirement within the air conditioned space.

  • A sophisticated control system enables switching between the heating and cooling modes.

  • In more sophisticated versions, the indoor units may operate in heating or cooling mode independently of others.

  • This latter arrangement offers potential energy savings when heating and cooling are required simultaneously in different zones.

  • This type of system requires no internal plant room space and offers great flexibility through the many types of air handling units available.

  • Applications vary from office, retail, hotel, luxury apartments, industrial, new and retrofitted buildings.

Due to the amount of different designs, configurations and the environment where you require air conditioned, please do not hesitate to call us for more information or a site visit.

Cassette Four Way Blow

These units are useful for large shop and office areas.

Cassette 4 way blow air conditioning
Wall Mounted

These units are normally used in smaller areas and server rooms.

Wall Mounted Air Con
Under Ceiling One Way Blow

These units are great for large areas including offices, warehouses and retail shops.

Under Ceiling 1 way blow
Ducted Units

These units are generally used for large areas including warehouses, open plan offices and retail shops. Smaller ducted units are useful for hotel rooms.

Ducted System
Floor Units

These units are mounted at a low level like a radiator on a wall and are useful for any application.

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